Mar 26

Vector Awarded the Canada Council for the Arts’ Media Project Grant!

While the festival may be over, Team Vector is pleased to announce that we were awarded the Media Projects Grant from the Canada Council to the Arts, to all artists who have not received payment for the festival to date (we’re still working on it), please stand by. We are adjusting artists’ fees based on this new development.

We are grateful to the Canada Council for the Arts for their support with this project.

Team Vector will now be working on new programming and our catalogue/ journal for a fall release.

For Updates, Please visit us at the new Team Vector Blog!

Mar 18

Vector Documentation Online and our new home…

Well friends, Vector 2013 is done, and we’ve finally begun editing and posting our documentation today.

We begin with our photographic documentation for the entire festival, which you can find on our new flickr page.

Also, after much discussion, Team Vector has decided to leave this tumblr site up as a document of how Vector first came together and as an archive site for the first edition of the festival.

We’ve relocated our activities to a new Team Vector Blog, which will now house our updates, calls, news, documentation and more.  So give us a follow or pop by now and again to see what the members of Team Vector are up to.

Vector 2013 was the end of a long road for us, but we have also agreed that it was just the beginning of a longer journey together.  In the fall we will be launching the first edition of the Vector Annual, a digital and / or print journal and catalogue documenting Vector 2013’s proceedings, as well as housing critical writing on intersections between game and art cultures.

We will also be planning new events and a whole new festival for 2014. How these things will unfold we cannot say, but we hope you will join us on the journey.

Feb 26

Vector 2013 comes to a close.

Vector 2013 was a smashing success!  We want to thank all of our artists/ volunteers/ panelists/ curators/ moderators/ venues/ sponsors and audience members for making Vector 2013 one great weekend full of conversations about game based artworks.   Over the next days and weeks, Team Vector will be posting highlights of the festival on the vector site, and will be making announcements related to new programmes we’re developing for exhibition/ showcase outside of the festival proper.

Thank you everyone for your support.

Feb 22

Vector Day One Recap. Looking forward to day two.

Last night we had a great turnout for our opening reception and Queen West game art crawl here in Toronto last night.  Visitors followed Team Vector curators from Interaccess (Other Worlds Exhibition) to Propeller ( Exhibition), and finally onto Bento Miso for the Ludacy Exhibition.  Special suprise guests from NYC Corset Lore and glomag provided some live chipmusic at the event at Bento Miso.

Team Vector is thankful to all of you who came out and showed your interest and support in the festival.  And guess what? There’s still two and a half days of programming left to go!!

For more info on what’s happening, you can download a PDF of our schedule, or pick up an Vector Festival Event Guide at Interaccess, Bento Miso or Propeller.

Also, please note that if you’re planning on coming to any of our screenings or performances (these events are ticketed) that our online advance sales are now closed.  HOwever, tickets for all of these events will be available at the door, with screenings costing $5 and performances $10.

Join us tonight at 5pm at Bento Miso for our first panel discussion.  Games +Art: Play +Practices, an examination of the relationships between game players, game designers and game art makers.

After the panel, come over to Propeller for our machinima screening Meditations on the Medium, exploring the relationships between games, art, and machinima.

Finally after the screening, join us at Interaccess for Playing Personae, and evening of performance centered around gender issues in gaming culture.

Join Us for another day of excellent art works!


Feb 20

Vector Day Zero! We’ve officially begun.

We’ve officially begun our programming for Vector, with our day zero screening: Stranger Comes to Town, the Avatar and Indentity. Thanks to our programming partners VideoFAG!

As Vector unfolds this weekend, please use the hashtag #vector2013, and talk to us via twitter at all of our events!

All pass holders can pick up their passes at Propeller at any time during the festival, or at any ticketed events at the door.

See you out at Vector 2013!!!

Feb 19

Vector Begins Tomorrow! metagame at Vector! Vector on!


Vector begins tomorrow with our special screening Co-Presented by VideoFag A Stranger Comes to Town: The avatar and identity, begins at 7pm at Propeller, at 984 Queen St. West.  Tickets for the screening are $5 and can be purchased on our eventbright, or at the door.

Propeller is also home to the exhibition (which we finished installing tonight, pictured above), a survey exhibition of a wide range of creative practices centered around games.  In addition to screenings and exhibitions, Propeller also plays host to the pop up shop, which will now be selling Local No 12’s great card game about video games; Metagame


We believe that metagame is the perfect game to be promoting at the festival as it is designed as a means of creating a critical dialogue about games between game players.

** Also we were just featured on, an arts, culture and technology site in Canada.  You can read it here!

Exciting times!! See you at #vector2013!

Vector in the media! Talk to us through twitter.

With a little over 24 hours until our first event, Vector has already been receiving some attention from media outlets.

Creative posted this Interview with Vector Co-Director Skot Deeming yesterday on the origins of the festival, the state of the ‘new arcade’ and issues of representation in gaming.

And Toronto Magazine Broken Pencil posted this interview this morning.  Talking about the state of the medium as an artform and how we might interpret that.

And If you’re coming to Vector this weekend, and want to tweet about it. Please tag us (@vectorgameart) in your tweets. or use the hashtag #vector2013.

We want to hear from you, and if you have questions, we’ll respond right away! 

See you at the festival!

Countdown to Vector. 1.5 Days! Ticket updates + exhibition.

It’s getting so close now we can taste it!  Team Vector has spent the past several days installing exhibitions for the opening receptions and art crawl which is on Thursday at 7pm, starting with Interaccess and moving to Propeller then finally Bento Miso.  We have a few surprises in store for attendees as well.

Just a few quick updates.

All level 3 passes are now SOLD OUT!  As are BOTH the glitch.jam and the chip.jam workshops!  However there are plenty of Level 2 passes left as well as spots in our Board Game remix.jam workshop and our micro twine.jam workshop.

As as a teaser for today, we’d like to show you a preview of some of the work from Vector’s Ludacy exhibition, happening in the new gallery/ arcade space at Bento Miso. Ludacy is a bit of an experiment, conceived by Team Vector member Christine Kim.  No stranger to the world of game jams and incubators for first time game makers, many of which take artists and encourage them to make games; Christine wanted to do something a bit different.

What happens when you take game makers and ask them to make pieces of new media/ game based installation art?  This is the central question in the Ludacy exhibition.  Christine invited three DIY game makers in the Toronto scene: Damian Sommer, Cale Bradbury and Alex Martin and has been working with them on taking their games off screen and into gallery space.

The results are hybrids of interactive art, games and performance.  We’re very excited to see the results of these experiments at the opening reception on Thursday.  Even the bulk of Team Vector are going to be surprised by the ways in which these three game makers conceive of games as an artform.

Feb 18

Countdown to Vector 2013. 2.5 Days! Other Worlds Preview.

Last night, Team Vector began to install artworks for the exhibitions.  Speaking of exhibitions, today we are going to discuss the Other Worlds Exhibition, which will be at InterAccess for the duration of the festival.

Co-Curated by Prosthetic Knowledge (Rich Oglesby) and mrghosty (Vector Co-Director Skot Deeming), Other Worlds features.9 works that revolve around the construction and exploration of digital spaces.  Here is a preview of two of the pieces you find at Other Worlds!


In the Night Journey, players find themselves into a vast black and white landscape, without any explanation. Leaving the players free to explore the mountains, desert, sea and forest, the game uses an interesting mechanic to encourage players to take it slow.  Whenever the player moves to quickly, the game begins to blur, obscuring the detail of the environment, encouraging a slow, exploratory and introspective interaction with the piece. By BIll Viola with programming and design by Tracy Fullerton.

Team Vector is very excited to show this piece, as it is the first time it has even be publicly available for play in Canada. 

imageEd Key & David Kanaga’s Proteus was recently made available on the Steam network as has been the subject of rave reviews from game fans and critics alike.

Players find themselves on an Island, free to explore its hybrid pixelated/ 3D beauty.

Other Worlds also features the work of: Luis Hernandez, Alex Myers & Jeff Thompson, Lea Albaugh, Arcane Kids, Alan Kwan, Cyril Lecomte-Languérand, and Axel Shokk.

Due to time constraints and a rather hectic install schedule, we cannot talk about all the other great art work at this exhibition right now.

However, Vector’s opening reception, curator’s tour and game art crawl through all three of its exhibitions, is on Thursday, Feb. 21st, at 7pm, beginning at Interaccess.  Skot will be giving a brief tour of the works and an explanation on how he and Rich came together to curate this exhibition.

Feb 16

Count Down to Vector: 4 days! A preview of Itagaki Interface!

With four days left until Vector 2013 gets underway, we’re hauling equipment, installing work, and otherwise running around the city getting everything in place.

Today we received an update on one of the performances happening at our Playing Personae: Embodied and Engendered Performances event, which is on Friday February 22nd at 10pm.

Daniele Hopkins and Kyle Duffield will be performing Itagaki Interface, a work in which the artists use their own bodies to challenge exaggerated representations of the human body in the fighting game Dead or Alive, by Tomonobu Itakagi. The game features hyper feminized and hyper masculinized bodies in one on one combat.


In the performance, the artists wear modified game controllers on their chests, essentially acting as human game controllers.  The audience is confronted with the challenge of having to play one another in the game, by manipulating the controllers worn by the artists.  This piece is a hybridization of 70s body-centric performance art and new media interactive performance, challenging us all to consider the ways in which our bodies are represented in interactive media.

Daniele and Kyle have been posting process pictures on their blog recently, but today they posted a final photo of the working prototype of the controller bra.

Team Vector is very excited for what will prove to be a challenging and confrontational performance.

Join us for Playing Personae on Friday February 22nd, where artist Angela Washko will also be performing her work “Chastity and The Council on Gender Sensitivity and Behavioral Awareness in World of Warcraft”.

TIckets for this event can be purchased here.  Admission is free with the purchase of a Vector Festival Pass.

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