Jan 26

Vector Panel 2: Feminism in Games + Game Art. Saturday, February 23rd. 3pm. @ Bento Miso.

Moderated by Alison Harvey
Panellists: Cecily Carver, Sandra Danilovic, Cindy Poremba, PartyTime! Hexcellent! (Rachel Weil), Emma Westecott.


While marginalization and exclusion within the production and play of games has been a recognized issue for some time, over the past year attention and action has reached a fever pitch, much of it aiming to shift/challenge/reorient what has been called ‘toxic game culture’. This conversation considers feminism(s) in theory and in practice within game-based and game art-based production, highlighting different local approaches to creating, organizing, and intervening in hegemonic game culture to create new and challenging spaces, artefacts, and communities. The intention of such a discussion is to highlight the variety of practices and viewpoints that comprise of feminism in games and game art in order to indicate its multifaceted and wide-reaching potential.

Join us after the discussion for the Dames Making Games’ Februrary Social and Feb-Fatale Arcade, which will be happening in the space immediately following the panel!

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